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Rebecka Edlund's Virgin Forest

Photo: Thomas W Stephenson

Saturday 11th May

Stories found in the nooks and crannies of nordic landscapes, climate change and human nature. A virgin forest is a forest in its natural state, similar to freely improvised music - a space that has never before been explored or exploited by anyone.


Rebecka Edlund is a Swedish singer, lyricist and composer with a soft spot for the ocean, anecdotes and rusty orange. Her music is a concoction of jazz and Scandinavian folk music, herding calls, bird whistles and other peculiar sounds, exploring freely improvised storytelling and contemporary songwriting.


Rebecka's 2022 debut album 'Något om en björk'  (Something about a birch tree) was nominated by Lira Music Magazine as one of the best folk jazz albums of the year. Rebecka is a curator of the Whirlpool series at Vortex Jazz Club in London and recent collaborators include Corrie Dick, Rob Luft and Huw Warren.


Fellow explorers and esteemed improvisors Laura Jurd and Elliot Galvin will join Rebecka as they venture into unknown terrains, taking the listeners with them.

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Rebecka Edlund ~ voice

Laura Jurd ~ trumpet

Elliot Galvin ~ piano and synthesiser

James Kitchman and Bruno Heinen

Photo: Phelan Burgoyne

Saturday 8th June

As old friends, James and Bruno forged a strong musical bond during a monthly residency in a subterranean London jazz club in 2017. In 2022 they released their debut duo album 'Rain Shadows', the culmination of a rich and vibrant collaboration between two of the UK's most innovative and intriguing jazz musicians. Their album traverses a colourful musical landscape, from bright optimism to the murky depths of despair, and back again.


The duo perform original pieces by both composers interspersed with spontaneous improvisations, a profound communion which conjures a sound-world that feels familiar yet fresh.


"The empathic relationship relationship between Kitchman's guitar and Heinen's piano - forged across duo residencies - is naturally crucial. Heinen and Kitchman very much have their own voices, their own world. And we are welcomed in to relish it."
- Jazzwise magazine 

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Bruno Heinen ~ piano

James Kitchman ~ guitar 

Unitarian Church, 5 Emmanuel Road, Cambridge CB1 1JW

Doors 7.30pm, music starts 8pm

Each concert £15 (+10% booking fee)

£18 at the door (if available) 

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