Our previous events...

James Kitchman and Bruno Heinen

~ June 2024

Old friends and collaborators, James and Bruno, traversed a colourful musical landscape performing their original compositions interspersed with spontaneous improvisations. This rich and vibrant partenership can be heard on their delectable debut album Rain Shadows on ubuntu music.

Bruno Heinen ~ piano

James Kitchman ~ guitar

 Virgin Forest ~  May 2024

Swedish vocalist Rebecka Edlund treated Listeners to a mesmerising evening of improvised storytelling, original songwriting, herding calls, bird whistles and other peculiar sounds. Fearless musical adventurers, Laura Jurd and Elliot Galvin, joined Rebecka to explore unknown terrains in the Virgin Forest.

Rebecka Edlund ~ voice

Laura Jurd ~ trumpet

Elliot Galvin ~ piano

Trish Clowes and Louise McMonagle

~ October 2023

This remarkable duo has been making music together for over 15 years, and tonight they delivered a powerful performance of collaborative compositions and improvisations which explored a variety of textures, moods and melodies. Watch out for their debut album in 2024.

Trish Clowes ~ tenor saxophone

Louise McMonagle ~ cello

Airborn ~ October 2023

This dynamic quartet performed music from the Airborn suite, a brand new set of compositions from Eddie Parker. With influences as diverse as Schoenberg and Santana, Airborn lifted off with an enthusiastic audience on board!


Eddie Parker ~ keyboards and flutes

Rob Luft ~ guitar

Dave Manington ~ double bass

Jay Davis ~ drums

Out Front ~ October 2023

This quintet of esteemed Listen! alumni drew on a wealth of fabulous compositions by Booker Little and Andrew Hill. They explored the vast possibilities of this music, from joyous straight-ahead time playing to the most open of improvisation.

Nick Malcolm ~ trumpet

Jason Yarde ~ alto saxophone

Jake McMurchie ~ tenor saxophone

Olie Brice ~ double bass

Dave Smith ~ drums 

Corrie Dick's Sun Swells ~ May 2023

A magical evening in the company of Corrie's sublime quintet. His uniquely colourful compositions, anchored by a rock guitar trio, featured surging vocal melodies and mercurial horn playing. A totally mesmerising performance! 

Rebecka Edlund ~ voice

Laura Jurd ~ trumpet

James Kitchman ~ guitar

Tom McCredie ~ bass

Corrie Dick ~ drums 

Hi Res Heart ~ April 2023

Hi Res Heart is an improvising group where spaciousness and fire co-exist. Even when the music was at its most abstract, the spirit of the blues was never too far away!



Martin Pyne ~ drums, percussion, vibraphone

Martin Archer ~ saxophones

Charlotte Keeffe ~ trumpet, flugelhorn

with special guest

Michael Bardon ~ double bass  

Dee Byrne's Outlines ~ March 2023

Dee's short musical sketches provided the springboard to propel this dynamic sextet in new exciting directions!


Dee Byrne ~ alto saxophone 

Nick Malcolm ~ trumpet 

Tom Ward ~ clarinets

Rebecca Nash ~ piano

Olie Brice ~ double bass

Andrew Lisle ~ drums 


Magpie Trio ~ December 2022

Our 2022 autumn programme ended with joyful uplifting sounds from Magpie Trio led by free-wheeling drummer Sam Jesson. United by their love for the tradition of legendary jazz trios, the band breathed new life into arrangements of music associated with Ahmad Jamal and Wayne Shorter.


Sam Jesson ~ drums

George Crowley ~ tenor saxophone

Tom Farmer ~ double bass 

Skylla ~ October 2022

Weaving together vocal layers around chiming bass chords, harmonics and different tuning systems, Skylla explored Ruth Goller's bewitching, intimate, otherworldly songs.

'Lush textures to bathe in... so close and tactile you can feel the music stroking you on the shoulder' - Corey Mwamba


Ruth Goller ~ bass guitar and voice

Lauren Kinsella ~ voice

Alice Grant ~ voice


Margrit Hasler      

The evening began with a creative solo performance from virtuoso viola player Margrit Hasler who completely transformed a wide range of pieces by some of her favourite musicians including Bill Frisell and Maurice Ravel alongside tunes from the bluegrass tradition.


Margrit Hasler ~ viola with pedals 

Spinningwork ~ September 2022

Launching their brilliant debut album tonight, Spinningwork played captivating new compositions by members of the band, liberally sprinkled with explosive passages of collective free improvisation.

Buy the Spinningwork album here! 

Tom Ward ~ alto saxophone

Cath Roberts ~ baritone saxophone

Dominic Lash ~ double bass

Johnny Hunter ~ drums

Chris Batchelor's Zoetic ~ May 2022

Chris's subtle new compositions held the audience spellbound in a world where East African guitar band grooves met Arabic themes, Balkan ballads and much more. Sophisticated, genre-defying chamber music at its finest!

Chris Batchelor ~ trumpet & cornetto

Margrit Hasler ~ viola

John Parricelli ~ guitars

Steve Watts ~ double bass

Paul Clarvis ~ tabla & assorted percussion 

Charlotte Keeffe Quartet ~ April 2022 

Charlotte's quartet treated our enthusiastic crowd to an evening of exhilarating music, seamlessly combining original compositions with freely improvised passages encompassing a deluge of inventive extended techniques. 

Charlotte's album Right Here, Right Now is out now on Discus Music. Buy your copy here!

Charlotte Keeffe ~ trumpet and flugelhorn

Moss Freed ~ guitar

Ashley John Long ~ double bass

Ben Handysides ~ drums

Dreamers ~ February 2022 

Mark Lockheart's thrilling all-star group delved into a new set of original compositions, creating urgent and exciting grooves, memorable melodies and a whiff of psychedelia. Dreamers album is out now on Edition Records.

Buy your copy here! 

Mark Lockheart ~ saxophones

Elliot Galvin ~ keyboards

Tom Herbert ~ bass guitar

Dave Smith ~ drums

Winifred Atwell Revisited ~ December 2021

The quick thinking and playful duo of Adam Fairhall and Johnny Hunter explored the music of the fondly remembered Trinidadian pianist Winifred Atwell through their highly personal avant-garde lens. This delightful music was perfect for lifting the spirits on a dark and blustery winters night.

Their superb album Winifred Atwell Revisited will be released on Efpi Records in January 2022. Order your copy now!


Adam Fairhall ~ piano

Johnny Hunter ~ snare drum 

Huw V Williams Trio ~ October 2021

A stunning night of original music, played with great passion by the Huw V Williams Trio, celebrating not only the release of their debut album Equidistant Between, but also the final gig of a UK tour. Another capacity audience and it was good to see lots of new faces amongst our loyal band of regulars.

Huw V Williams ~ bass & compositions

George Crowley ~ saxophones

Devin Gray ~ drums


Confront Recordings ~ September 2021

The sell-out audience was treated to an exhilarating evening of spontaneous music making celebrating 25 years of the pioneering Confront Recordings record label. A dream team formed especially for our return to live gigs. It felt great to be back!

'It was as though you'd never been away!' Roger Gow

Mark Wastell ~ percussion

Dominic Lash ~ double bass and electric guitar

Ed Jones ~ saxophones

Pigfoot ~ October 2020

It felt incredibly special to present our one and only 'socially distanced' gig of 2020. Pigfoot, with their wild musicality and wry humour, were the perfect band to chase away the lockdown blues for our music starved listeners. Everyone had a ball!

'The first notes were like a blinding flash of light' - Jez Matthews, Jazz At The Lescar.

Chris Batchelor ~ trumpet and cornet

James Allsopp ~ baritone saxophone and bass clarinet

Liam Noble ~ piano and keyboards

Paul Clarvis ~ drums

Mike De Souza Trio ~ November 2019

This vibrant young trio closed our 2019 series in great style with their energetic improvisations and daring explorations of Mike's intricate compositions. The band's absorbing performance had the attentive audience on the edge of their seats. Check out their superb new album Slow Burn.

Mike De Souza ~ guitar

Huw V Williams ~ basses

Jay Davis ~ drums

Somersaults ~ October 2019

Ace rhythm team, Mark Sanders and Olie Brice, returned to Listen! in the company of the legendary ICP Orchestra's celebrated reedsman Toby Delius. This outstanding trio played propulsive, joyous improvised music ranging from swinging free jazz to exquisite timbral and textural explorations. Enthralling, spontaneous music-making of the highest order!


Tobias Delius ~ tenor saxophone & clarinet

Olie Brice ~ double bass

Mark Sanders ~ drums 

Sloth Racket ~ September 2019

It was such a huge pleasure to welcome back the first band ever to play at Listen!. The mighty Sloths ended their UK tour in rousing style, conjuring 'a sonic amalgam of riff, composition and free improvisation.' (Chris Searle). A triumphant return to Cambridge!

Cath Roberts ~ baritone saxophone

Sam Andreae ~ alto saxophone

Anton Hunter ~ guitar

Seth Bennett ~ double bass

Johnny Hunter ~ drums

Pale Blue Dot ~ July 2019

Johnny Hunter's reflective compositions were beautifully played by this outstanding, intuitive ensemble. Music encapsulating the perspective and stillness that might be possible from the outer reaches of our solar system.

Johnny Hunter ~ drums

Mark Hanslip ~ tenor saxophone

Gemma Bass ~ violin

Aby Vulliamy ~ viola

Mick Bardon ~ cello

Otto Willberg ~ double bass

BABs ~ June 2019

We celebrated our second anniversary in great style with a rare live performance from one of our favourite trios. The group performed music ranging from rich, evolving ambient textures to energetic electronica-influenced improvisation. The acoustic instruments were expertly blended with electronic real-time processing creating a hypnotic, haunting sound world. The musicians set the scene perfectly, each performing a mesmerizing solo set to start the evening.


Olie Brice ~ double bass
James Allsopp ~ bass clarinet and solo tenor saxophone
Alex Bonney ~ electronics and solo trumpet

Reel Tangle ~ May 2019

We were pleased to present the first ever performance by the improvising supergroup Reel Tangle. While drawing on their shared love of free jazz and improvisation, the quartet wove a skein of exploration in sound, melody and time around Rachel's composed framework of text and themes.

Rachel Musson ~ saxophones and voice

Jason Yarde ~ alto saxophone
Olie Brice ~ double bass
Mark Sanders ~ percussion

Ensemble Entropy ~ April 2019

This dynamic ensemble explored the spaces between contemporary composed music and free improvisation. Lola de la Mata and James B Wilson were present to introduce their beautiful new compositions. 

Matt London ~ tenor saxophone

Loré Lixenberg ~ voice

Georgia Cooke ~ flute

Alison Blunt ~ violin

Seth Bennett ~ double bass

Mark Sanders ~ drums 

Alexander Hawkins ~ April 2019

We were delighted that Alexander Hawkins chose to celebrate the release of his new solo piano album, 'Iron Into Wind', with this special concert in the Bateman Auditorium at his alma mater, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. 


'A captivating performance, the acoustically superb auditorium made Hawkins' use of dynamics and overtones an added joy.' - Listener, John Sharpe.


A memorable evening for the enthusiastic audience!

j a d e  ~ March 2019

Trumpeter Nick Malcolm's new quartet captivated the enthusiastic audience with their absorbing performance.

The band deconstructed Nick's original compositions with great imagination and flair, using contemporary improvisation and sampling to create a spellbinding atmosphere.


Nick Malcolm ~ trumpet

Jake McMurchie ~ saxophone

Will Harris ~ double bass

Ric Yarborough ~ drums and samples

Warmer Than Blood ~ February 2019

Guitarist Chris Montague's latest trio project performed mesmerising new music composed by Chris, combining intricate textures, dark pools of harmony, kinetic group improvisation and percussive prepared piano. The evening opened with an enchanting solo bass guitar and vocal set from Ruth Goller.


Chris Montague ~ guitar

Ruth Goller ~ electric bass

Kit Downes ~ piano

Butcher/Edwards/Sanders ~ January 2019

We were thrilled to open our 2019 programme with an evening of lucid and captivating free improvisation featuring three undisputed masters of the art. In a rare trio performance these three phenomenal musicians worked their spontaneous magic to the delight of the attentive audience.


John Butcher ~ saxophones

John Edwards ~ double bass

Mark Sanders ~ percussion

Total Vibration ~ September 2018

Channelling the free spirit of Ornette Coleman, Geri Allen and Charles Mingus, the quartet's bold approach to improvising turned every tune into a riveting brass-fuelled adventure. A tantalising two trumpet treat for the enthusiastic capacity crowd.


Laura Jurd ~ trumpet

Chris Batchelor ~ trumpet

Tom Herbert ~ double bass

Corrie Dick ~ drums

Olie Brice, Rachel Musson, Mark Sanders ~

June 2018

This exceptional trio of thoughtful, impressive improvisers came together and created compelling new music. Spontaneous music-making at its very best!


Olie Brice ~ double bass

Rachel Musson ~ saxophones

Mark Sanders ~ percussion 

Elliot Galvin Trio ~ March 2018

Unfortunately this gig fell victim to the 'Beast from the East' which brought adverse weather conditions that swept the UK. The band was frustratingly snowbound in Scotland and unable to reach Cambridge.


Do check out their exhilarating new music where analogue sythesis and electric sounds orbit the acoustic world of piano, bass and drums.


Elliot Galvin ~ piano, synthesizer and toys

Tom McCredie ~ double bass and guitar

Corrie Dick ~ drums and percussion

What Love ~ February 2018

A project born of a deep love of Charles Mingus' work as a composer and philosopher of music. This was a jubilant celebration of one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century.

Kim Macari Stone-Lonergan ~ trumpet

George Murray ~ trombone

Ollie Dover ~ alto saxophone and bass clarinet

Simon Prince ~ tenor saxophone and flute

Cath Roberts ~ baritone saxophone

Adam Fairhall ~ piano

Johnny Hunter ~ drums

Seth Bennett ~ double bass and leader

Pigfoot ~ January 2018

New Orleans jazz, opera, Elvis, 70's funk and Bacharach are all fair game for this all-star line-up's genre-bending skills.  Their imaginative approach to popular music brought a smile to everyone's faces. A powerful and flexible front line egged on by spiky and eccentric drumming, the perfect band to kick off the new year!

James Allsopp ~ baritone saxophone and bass clarinet

Chris Batchelor ~ trumpet and cornet

Paul Clarvis ~ drums

Liam Noble ~ piano and keyboards

Yana ~ October 2017

A trio of respected improvisers, creating open, living music. After 10 years of playing together, their music flows with magical ease, providing accessibility in fantastic grooves and improvised melodies. The trio has developed a process entirely focused on producing highly expressive live music, a free-wheeling, spontaneous mix of styles. We were delighted that Yana chose our event to launch their new Two Rivers Records album, 'baby/people'.

Joshua Blackmore ~ drums

Dave Kane ~ double bass

Corey Mwamba ~ vibraphone

Sloth Racket ~ June 2017

The ensemble played Cath's compositions, combining written fragments with graphic notation to explore the balance between freedom and structure. The results ranged across musical territories from fiery free jazz, to minimal improv textures, to deep grooves. Music for open ears - the perfect opening night for Listen!

Cath Roberts ~ baritone saxophone

Anton Hunter ~ guitar

Sam Andreae ~ tenor saxophone

Seth Bennett ~ double bass

Johnny Hunter ~ drums