Our previous events...

What Love ~ February 2018

A project born of a deep love of Charles Mingus' work as a composer and philosopher of music. This was a jubilant celebration of one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century.

Kim Macari Stone-Lonergan ~ trumpet

George Murray ~ trombone

Ollie Dover ~ alto saxophone & bass clarinet

Simon Prince ~ tenor saxophone & flute

Cath Roberts ~ baritone saxophone

Adam Fairhall ~ piano

Johnny Hunter ~ drums

Seth Bennett ~ double bass and leader

Pigfoot ~ January 2018

New Orleans jazz, opera, Elvis, 70's funk and Bacharach are all fair game for this all-star line-up's genre-bending skills.  Their imaginative approach to popular music brought a smile to everyone's faces. A powerful and flexible front line egged on by spiky and eccentric drumming, the perfect band to kick off the new year!

James Allsopp ~ baritone saxophone & bass clarinet

Chris Batchelor ~ trumpet & cornet

Paul Clarvis ~ drums

Liam Noble ~ piano & keyboards

Yana ~ October 2017

A trio of respected improvisers, creating open, living music. After 10 years of playing together, their music flows with magical ease, providing accessibility in fantastic grooves and improvised melodies. The trio has developed a process entirely focused on producing highly expressive live music, a free-wheeling, spontaneous mix of styles. We were delighted that Yana chose our event to launch their new Two Rivers Records album, 'baby/people'.

Joshua Blackmore ~ drums

Dave Kane ~ double bass

Corey Mwamba ~ vibraphone

Sloth Racket ~ June 2017

The ensemble played Cath's compositions, combining written fragments with graphic notation to explore the balance between freedom and structure. The results ranged across musical territories from fiery free jazz, to minimal improv textures, to deep grooves. Music for open ears - the perfect opening night for Listen!

Cath Roberts ~ baritone saxophone

Anton Hunter ~ guitar

Sam Andreae ~ tenor saxophone

Seth Bennett ~ double bass

Johnny Hunter ~ drums